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Russian residence permit

Residence permit (a.k.a. Green card) is an official document allowing a foreign national to reside and work in Russia. Unlike visa, residence permit is issued if an applicant is going to stay in Russia for a relatively long period of time (one year or longer). Obtaining a residence permit is an important step to immigrating to Russia and becoming a Russian citizen.

Types of residence permit

According to the Russian immigration rules, a foreign national can get a Temporary or a Permanent residence permit.
Usually the immigration procedure consists of three major steps:

Application for a Russian residence permit

The procedure of obtaining a Russian residence permit (green card) is generally the same for all nationals: Americans, Canadians, Indians, or South Africans. An applicant is required to confirm at least basic knowledge of Russian language, history and law, get necessary medical certificates and prepare a package of documents. The exact list of the required documents may differ depending on the specific situation. Some categories of applicants are exempt from the language test and may enjoy a simplified application procedure. When everything is ready, an applicant has to submit all the documents to a local office of migration authorities. Application processing usually takes 2-4 months.

How we can assist

Check our comprehensive guide on immigrating to Russia or schedule an individual consultation with our attorney to find out more information on what paperwork is required, who is eligible for simplified application, what steps the process consists of and other useful details. Once you decide on the immigration strategy, we'll be glad to provide further legal assistance with the application and other relocation issues.

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